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Cuba! Love Story  
- Available as eBook from November 7, 2012 -
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What started as a little adventure in 1993, flying from Montego Bay into the neighbouring island,  than isolated and deeply in crisis, turned into a passionate love affair and a personal quest spreading over 15 years, investigating notions of homoerotic experiences in a traditional macho society. 

The confused and bewildering macho/militant versus homoerotic feeling in revolutionary Cuba evoked my own experience and past memories of growing up in a young Israel, macho and militarist.

Looking a bit “Latin”, speaking the local dialect and quickly adopting local body language, I somehow blended in with the locals, made friends, lived in their houses in the remote countryside, dined with their close family and socialized with their friends , constantly walking the thin line between observing and participating, gathering and documenting homoerotic experiences and secret love stories with my camera.