In Process 

CUBA, Love Story!


Provisinal V.O (still in process)


The death of my father in November 2012 evoked longing to a secret love affair I had with a Cuban cowboy in summer of 2007.


A month later, in December 2012, I travel to Havana in search with only several photos of him and his friends in hand.


I manage to find him in a small village in central Cuba, where I spent a whole month horseback riding with him and his friends, reflecting on the secret affair we experienced in 2007, simultaneously drawing hidden reminiscences lines to a dysfunctional Father-Son relationship I had with my father with whom I didn't talk for 30 years.


It is a reflective/reflexive autobigraphical journey that travels through mental-emotional-physical space; from childhood (70’s) to Present (2013) walking the thin line of masculinity and machismo.

© Kobi Israel
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