CUBA, Love Story!

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About the Book

What started as a little adventure in 1993, flying from Montego Bay in Jamaica into the neighbouring island, Cuba, than isolated and deeply in a financial crisis, turned into a passionate love affair and a personal quest spreading over 15 years, investigating notions of masculinity versus homoerotic experiences in a traditional macho society. 

The confusing and bewildering paradox of the masculine and militarist blended with the homoerotic in Cuba evoked my own experiences and memories of growing up in young, macho and militarist Israel.

Looking a bit “Latin”, picking up on local dialect and quickly adopting body gestures that were so familiar from my past, I somehow blended in with the locals, made friends, lived in their houses in the remote countryside, dined with their close family and socialized with their friends, constantly walking the thin line between observing and participating, gathering and documenting homoerotic/homo-social experiences and secret love stories with my camera.

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