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Rides Guys Old; Man Young Blonde!

A tall, slender young man, with a full blonde beard and pompadour hair and the keenest of eyes is J. W. Alexander, whose portraits of prominent men adorn the magazines. He is still very young. He is going to make a portrait of Mr. Whitman, who will probably give a sitting to-daytoday.

Rides guys old; man young blonde!

Now, you ask for the young son. He makes his mad ride,locates, and puts his stake on avaluable piece of land with goodpasture and running water. He is elated and happy,but turns to see apitiful sight - a young couple with two blonde babies, aboy and a girl,despair written in every line of the parents face for theyrealize he isfirst and their scrawney horses can go no farther. 350c69d7ab


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