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I Want To Buy An Rv

Perhaps it would make better sense to ease into the RV lifestyle first with a pop-up or smaller travel trailer. By starting small and building from there, you can better determine if you want to upgrade to a bigger model. If so, you should have a much better understanding of what features you need such as more storage, power requirements, and space.

i want to buy an rv


If you are a newbie to RVing, it might be wise to start out with a used model. Purchasing a used RV from a dealer gives you more protection than buying from an unknown third-party seller. Buying a used RV lets, you get a feel for it, determine what you like or want to change, and have the funds available to customize, upgrade and change.

Ask yourself if you want a motor home [that you drive] or something like a travel trailer [that you tow behind a truck]. We often tell people if you have a truck already, you might get that towable because you've spent a lot of the money already. I have a $40,000 truck and a $30,000 RV. Put that together, that's $70,000. I could have bought a motor home, but I like my pickup truck.

A second big thing you really need to think through is how big of an RV do you want. A lot of people, particularly if you're thinking of moving into the RV or retiring, could be tempted to buy a really big 40-foot RV because you want the space. But you need to consider that you might have a harder time getting into some campsites.

If you're retired and you're going to be living in the RV or taking really long trips, you want something that will fit all seasons and can be used in different weather temperatures. A lot of RV dealers will say an RV is a four season, but then it's really not that well insulated. There is a lot of good information on YouTube and online to find a good four-season RV and what companies truly make RVs for any type of weather.

You want to pick a good dealership. Sometimes we say picking a good dealership is just as important as picking a good RV. Find a dealership that has been around, maybe family owned, with lots of experience. Check how many service bays there are. If there are no maintenance bays, that's a warning sign to get out of there.

You might just not want to get a massive RV. If you go up to a 40-foot RV, it's going to be a little bit more intimidating to tow. If you keep it at more like 30 feet or 28 feet [long], which is plenty of room for retired couple traveling, it's going to be easier to back up and park.

In general, RV sales are at their lowest in October and November, making these months a great time to try to get a good deal on an RV. If you want to get a good price, avoid buying an RV during the spring and summer, when demand is at its peak.

You see, RVs are seasonal items, meaning the demand fluctuates throughout the year. During the spring and summer months, people want to go camping. They feel good about investing in a motorhome or travel trailer during this time because they know they can use it for the entire season ahead.

Almost any setup can work for two people. But if you want 'separate' living areas, you could consider towing a light travel trailer with a van conversion. (Example: Pull a trailer with a Nissan NV converted to a camper.)

You may want to consider: Do you want to tow a car with your motorhome? (Also known as a 'toad.') Do you want a heavy-duty truck with a stiff suspension to be your daily driver? (Fifth wheels usually require this.)

You might sit in one place permanently. Or, you might take road trips. You may want to make a weekend trip here and there. Every way you could do this life will determine the elements that will make your choice the best for you as a beginner.

Do lots of research. Heck, do all the research. You might end up with an Airstream or a C class motorhome. It all depends on your budget, what size holding tanks you need, if you want to road trip or sit still, what kind of campsite you will primarily be at, and SO much more.

I love traveling and love the outdoors. I do not like feeling stagnant with always being in the same place and these last 4 years have been that. Same places, same people, etc. Love them and all around me but I also love exploring and adventures. Every time I roadtrip for work, I always want and wonder what it would be like to stay and visit certain areas for days, weeks or months instead of only grabbing dinner before hitting the road again to get to the destination. So this new idea for me to uproot and RV sounds perfect!

The other reason is timing. Often buyers want to buy an RV and pick it up within a few days of when they initially purchased it. A private seller can usually give you the RV faster than an RV dealer, which may have a longer pre-delivery inspection (PDI) process. Although there is great value in having that PDI process, you may need to wait a couple weeks to get your RV because you are in line with all the other buyers that the dealer must accommodate.

As a consumer you have the choice as to how you want to purchase your next RV. It is true, there are some great deals to be had out there in the used RV market. No matter where you buy, make sure you do your research, ask the right questions and purchase from someone you trust. Whichever way you choose to purchase, I hope you find the RV of your dreams to make new memories with your family this season.

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You have purchased an expensive recreational vehicle (RV), either new or used, from a retail dealer or direct from another family. With thousands of mechanical components, you want to ensure you have protection against the inconvenience, stress, and high cost of...

You should carefully read the entire website but a good place to start is withtheImporter Checklist Tool, found under theImport A Vehicletab. Even before you've located a vehicle to buy, you can input the make andmodel you hope to buy and determine whether this RV passes the admissionguidelines to import an RV. You want this information before you begin your search for a usedRV because:Not all vehicles are admissible for import.

As well as the RIV website, you may want to look at the provincial licensing requirement for yourprovince of residence. In the case of Ontario, theMTO (Ministry of Transport Ontario)for information on how to get your vehicle licensed after it has passed theimport requirements. When I spoke with them, they told me it is straightforward- just be sure to bring all the documentation you have from the border crossingwith you; however, the MTO web site indicates other special requirements may be required for registering a motorhome. Read it carefully. If the year make and model of the VIN does not match that assigned by the motorhome manufacturer, extra documentation may be required.

To lessen the chance of a wasted trip, you want to do as much work over thephone as possible. Start byasking all the right questions.Add any other questions that you can think of yourself. Don't be afraid ofoffending the seller. This is business and you want him to know you are smartand cautious.

Hopefully there will be no disappointments. If there are some, point out thatthese were not disclosed prior to your arrival. Perhaps you can stillre-negotiate your deal. It's a good idea when you import an RV is to plan to stay in a hotel for atleast one night, just in case this happens. You'll want to allow the sellerthe opportunity to sleep on it for a night. He might feel guilty that you madethe trip here to find out that he forgot to tell you about a key issue orproblem. YOU, however, should be prepared to return home empty handed, and notbe swayed by the fact that you made a wasted trip.

Establishing your reasons for wanting to purchase a camper van will allow you to figure out what you want inside of your van. For example, if your plan is to live in the van from Saturday to Sunday for weekend warrior adventures, you might not need a large battery pack or water tanks.

More importantly, clarifying why you want a camper van is important because the final product could potentially amount to a more than $100,000 investment for a custom build. If you want a camper van for an occasional annual trip, the big-ticket price might not be worth it. But if you plan on using the camper on a weekly or daily basis, or for extended periods of time, it may be.

"Have patience with yourself and do research in order to get comfortable and to know that it's something you want," Gianna Bachowski of Our Van Quest told Insider. "Sometimes, you have to get a little uncomfortable, so trusting in that process is important."

If you want a camper van just to be able to sleep in your car, maybe owning an entirely outfitted van might not be the best choice. Lean towards options like an inflatable car tent or a bed-in-a-box instead of a converted van.

If you have a higher budget but don't want to design a custom build, several companies also offer fully converted and designed vans at a higher cost. For example, Advanced RV has an over $400,000 camper van based inside a 170-inch Mercedes-Benz Sprinter cab.

For those who want a full conversion but don't want to cough up life savings, there's an in-between option. There are several companies in the market that offer less expensive non-custom conversions done in-shop. By having a set universal interior design, companies can streamline their production and material sourcing process, therefore decreasing the price of the final conversion.

Knowing what vehicle base you want is important if you plan on using a van conversion company: several companies will only convert certain van models. It's important to note that some conversion companies may even require clients to supply their own van or van purchases for the conversion.

Could any of the amenities you want play double duty? Using some creativity could help conserve space. In the end, the goal is to optimize the small van to fit as many features as you want, while still creating a space that doesn't feel cramped. 041b061a72


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