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Gta Iv Asi Loader Download

Asi Loader is the library that allows to load *.asi plugins and scripts into GTA IV and EFLC. Tons of asi plugins and asi scripts were written since GTA IV PC release back in 2008, asi loader became the most downloadable utility I ever made for GTA.

Gta Iv Asi Loader Download

Download File:

Hello, this is my first time posting here so i hope that this is the right thread. Anyway, i'm having trouble getting mods (Scripts particularly) to work on GTA 4. I'm using patch, with scripthook/.NET scripthook and Alexander Blade's ASI Loader.

I hav GTA IV v1.0.4.0 nd hv some car mods installed as well.But Im trying to install Asiloader and Scripthook but,failing.I downloaded scripthook,placed scripthook.dll in gta iv installation directory.Also downloaded asi loader and placed dsound.dll in the same directory.I placed an .asi plugin in the directory.I startup my game,it loads and starts,but just as I try to walk within 10 secs,the game crashes.I also tried xlive.dll asi loader,the game started,did'nt crash but stutters alot,and when i try to use my .asi plugin ,but it did'nt work!

You need the fix only if you are using one of the following GTA IV patches:,,, or, all future patches up to have no checks. If you have no asi loader then copy dsound.dll to GTA IV main directory, if there is no such file inside the plugin's distrib then download GTA IV Asi Loader from this site.


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