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Jeune Jolie Fix

A three-course prix fixe menu is also available on Mondays for $35 ($15 extra for wine pairings), and brunch is offered from 10am to 2pm on weekends. Options and hospitality abound at Jeune et Jolie, along with a plethora of inspired, delicious cuisine. 760.637.5266, Brandon Hernández

Jeune jolie

Produced by Eric et Nicolas Altmayer for Mandarin Cinéma (who are now working with Ozon for the third time after Potiche [+see also: trailerfilm profile] and Dans la maison [+see also: film reviewtrailerfilm profile]), Jeune et jolie, for which filming will continue until August in Paris and in the South of France, is co-produced by France 2 Cinéma. Mars Distribution is to release the film in French cinemas. 041b061a72


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