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Chris Rea Tell Me Theres A Heaven

Rea was inspired to write "Tell Me There's a Heaven" after his daughter Josie saw footage of a riot in South Africa on the news, which showed "this horrible thing of throwing lighted tyres over people" and "one guy burning to death". Rea recalled to Peter Doggett in 2019: "Joan's [Rea's wife] dad was saying he didn't know what to say to Josie about what she'd seen, so he just said, 'That man has gone to heaven'. And that's how songs happen. I went up to see her and she was safely asleep, so I looked out the window and said to myself, 'Grandad told you there's a heaven, I'd like someone to tell me there's a heaven, too.'"[4]

Chris Rea Tell Me Theres A Heaven

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Variant: In a shorter version, there's no lengthy blackness at the start, Sarah's and Steven's pictures change places, and the song plays from the first lyrics and is edited so the lyrics "tell me there's a heaven" play after "to make that person black and blue." 041b061a72


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