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Tokyo Decadence 1992

Tokyo Decadence (1992) is tantamount to a great deal of sex worker films we have seen including, Special Treatment (2010) starring Isabelle Huppert, Young and Beautiful (2013) starring Marine Vacth and, House of Tolerance (2013) starring Adele Haenel and many other lovely actors. Each film showcases the female that wants to take a risk either for the adrenaline rush or for money. Sometimes it is for both. In the aforementioned French films, most of the male clients were older business men who were married with families and wanted a mistress to chat with, a lover, or someone they could explore their fantasies with in a private world of expensive hotels.

Tokyo Decadence 1992

Tokyo Decadence (トパーズ Topāzu?) è un film del 1992 diretto da Ryū Murakami, tratto dall'omonimo romanzo scritto da Murakami stesso. La regia del seguito, Topaz II, verrà affidata ad Hideaki Anno con il titolo Love & Pop.


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