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Maruti Mera Dosst: A Heartwarming Tale of Friendship and Faith

Maruti Mera Dosst: A Heartwarming Tale of Friendship and Faith

Maruti Mera Dosst is a 2009 Hindi movie that tells the story of a young girl named Rameshwari who befriends Maruti, a boy who is actually Lord Hanuman in disguise. The movie is a blend of comedy, drama, and fantasy that showcases the bond between Rameshwari and Maruti as they face various challenges and enemies together.

The movie stars Chandrachur Singh, Murli Sharma, Shahbaaz Khan, Sushmita Mukherjee, Erik A. Nanda, Sameksha, and Vindu Dara Singh in pivotal roles. The movie is directed by Manikya Raju and produced by Abhimanyu Singh. The music is composed by Kartik Shah and features songs like Jai Hanuman Gyan Gun Sagar, Mafi Kya Mangu Main, Janki Nath Sahay, Jiya Re, and Rama 'O' Rama.

Maruti Mera Dosst 1 720p hd

Maruti Mera Dosst is a family-friendly movie that appeals to both children and adults. The movie showcases the values of friendship, loyalty, courage, devotion, and justice. The movie also depicts the power of faith and prayer in overcoming difficulties and obstacles. The movie has a positive message and a happy ending that leaves the viewers with a smile on their faces.

Maruti Mera Dosst is available to watch online in HD quality on Hotstar[^1^]. The movie can also be viewed on YouTube[^2^] [^3^]. The movie has a runtime of 2 hours and 11 minutes and is rated PG for some mild violence and language.

The movie revolves around the life of Rameshwari, a sweet and innocent girl who lives with her father, a forest officer. Rameshwari's mother died when she was young and her father remarried a wicked woman named Kokoi. Kokoi and her mother treat Rameshwari like a servant and make her do all the household chores. They also plan to get rid of Rameshwari and her father so that they can inherit their wealth and property.

One day, Rameshwari finds a statue of Lord Hanuman in the forest and prays to him for help. Her prayers are answered when Hanuman comes to play with her in the form of a boy called Maruti. Maruti becomes Rameshwari's best friend and protector. He helps her in various situations and teaches the wicked women and their accomplices a lesson. He also helps Rameshwari's father in his work and saves him from danger.

However, Maruti's presence also attracts the attention of some evil forces who want to capture him and use his powers for their own benefit. These include a tantrik named Bhairav Baba, a circus owner named Rajjo, and a politician named Chatur Singh. They all try to kidnap Maruti and exploit him in different ways. Will Rameshwari and Maruti be able to escape from their clutches? Will Rameshwari's father find out the truth about Maruti? Will Kokoi and her mother get their due punishment? Watch Maruti Mera Dosst to find out.

Maruti Mera Dosst is a movie that celebrates the spirit of childhood and the power of faith. The movie has a simple and engaging plot that keeps the viewers hooked. The movie has a good mix of humor, emotion, action, and fantasy that makes it enjoyable for all age groups. The movie also has some beautiful scenes of nature and wildlife that add to its charm.

The movie has some commendable performances by the cast. Chandrachur Singh plays the role of Rameshwari's father with sincerity and warmth. Murli Sharma and Shahbaaz Khan play the roles of Bhairav Baba and Chatur Singh respectively with menace and wickedness. Sushmita Mukherjee and Erik A. Nanda play the roles of Kokoi and her mother with flair and comic timing. Sameksha plays the role of Rameshwari with innocence and grace. Vindu Dara Singh plays the role of Maruti with energy and enthusiasm. He also lends his voice to Hanuman in the movie.

The movie has some catchy songs that enhance the mood and atmosphere of the movie. The song Jai Hanuman Gyan Gun Sagar is a devotional song that praises the glory of Hanuman. The song Mafi Kya Mangu Main is a sad song that expresses Rameshwari's plight and loneliness. The song Janki Nath Sahay is a romantic song that shows the love between Rameshwari's parents. The song Jiya Re is a peppy song that shows the friendship between Rameshwari and Maruti. The song Rama 'O' Rama is a fun song that shows the mischief and adventures of Maruti. 0efd9a6b88


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