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Flexcil Notes

Everybody knows this situation: You work with a PDF, like literature or lecture slides, but then, you also want to take a couple of notes on the side in a notebook. Ideally, everything in digital. But, when having a PDF annotation app and another app for digital note-taking side-by-side, the multi-tasking capabilities of an iPad soon hit their limits.

Flexcil Notes

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Using Flexcil, you can work on multiple documents at once with an overlay interface. It supports dragging elements from your PDF to a notebook, and taking valuable notes in a scratchbook while still looking at the slides or book; all without leaving the app or using multi-tasking.

The idea is the following: You work on a PDF, lets say a technical book or lecture slides; and then, open a notebook as an overlay and grab important passages. Furthermore, you can take notes inside the notebook while reading the PDF, all without switching to another app. It lets you work on two documents at once. Both documents are annotatable, so one can switch freely and make annotations on either, while moving the overlay around as needed.

This comes in hand with a need for automatic backup.Currently, there is a button to do a manual backup, or a manual restore,of the full Flexcil database. While this is great, an automatic waywould be an ease of mind. Many people work with lots of documents andvery important notes. Trusting all this data to a single app can benerve-racking, if there is no automated backup solution.

Other things missing from the annotation part of the app, whichcompetitors usually support, would be: A zoom box toassist with writing smaller notes, and a shape-tool toeasily write shapes like straight lines, circles and boxes.

The overlay mode combines working on lecture slides with taking notesin a notebook, and that intuitively, as it would be in the real worldwith analog books: It brings the common workflow of putting a notebookon top of a thick book of technical literature, right on your iPad.

Flexcil is for reading electronic documents, journaling, making notes, and editing PDFs. It uses gestures to keep the user's concentration on the text or lesson rather than struggling with icons and menus.

Flexcil is an app for reading documents as well as annotating and making notes on them. It has a simple set of tools that cover pretty much all a student might want for this purpose. Text can be highlighted, copied, pasted and even looked up in a built-in dictionary. Notes can be handwritten or entered into text boxes on a document's original pages or compiled in separate notebook-style pages alongside elements copied from the original.

There is nothing in Flexcil that means that young kids should not use it, but the type of work it is designed for is not typically one that young kids will do. Kids who can get to grips with productivity software's tools and who are working with texts complex enough for notes and annotations to be necessary will be able to make use of Flexcil.

Boost your document productivity and take good notes with Flexcil! Highlight easily and capture images or text in the documents or scribble notes with pen gestures. With gestures, summarizing documents in a notebook becomes more efficient.

- Fixed an issue with document blurring when page scrolling in Android 12 environment- Fixed an issue where the bottom of certain notes was cut off- Fixed an issue where horizontal/vertical templates were not applied when changing note templates

Making notes is the best way to organize your information, set reminders for tasks and other to-do lists, create a solid workflow of thoughts, facts, and ideas, review and track your daily progress, and finally collaborate with your teachers and peers for positive changes, recommendations or feedback.

Original: SourceAn all-in-one solution for organization and notetaking abilities, Evernote is the ideal and one of the best notetaking apps for college students. With Evernote, you can make to-do lists, organize your calendar, share notes, record voice reminders, add images to texts, connect to your Google calendar, and access or review your notes on all devices.

A cross-platform notetaking app, Evernote also has an integration with common apps like Google Drive, Slack, Gmail, etc. It lets you customize your notes according to your needs, while also giving you the ability to process hand-written notes as well as clip and paste articles or PDFs from the internet to your dashboard.

Original: SourceIn college, students receive a massive amount of reading and study materials from papers or articles on the web or PDF documents for their research papers, essay writings, projects, and other writing assignments. Flexcil is the best app to use for better study, research, and taking notes on PDF files.

Unlike other apps that hide features behind premium subscriptions, OneNote can be used on unlimited devices just as long as you have a Microsoft email ID. With it, you can create pages that look like notebooks, divide sections with colorful tabs, add videos, images, drawings, annotations, write by hand (using a stylus), scan handwritten notes, highlight points, and much more.

Original: SourceSimplenote is a great notetaking app for setting up reminders, and tasks and jotting down quick, accessible notes. Easy to use, this app also lets you share your notes for group projects or collaborations, add tags to specific points for a quicker search through sections, and also saves your notes in plain text.

Original: SourceNotability is an all-rounder in notetaking and a gem for students in college. Notability allows its users to write notes in notebook formats and organize them into folders. You can even use colored pens and highlighters to bring attention to specific notes. Moreover, you can drag and drop images and other files onto notes while writing a text and recording audio.

Recording an audio feature can be helpful for students in lectures, as notability has an audio feedback feature that makes notetaking simpler while making notes for assignments and projects. You can also annotate your audio to reach important sections easily while revising your notes.

Similarly, you can set password locks on your confidential or important notes, customize your content by adding GIFs, web pages, etc., and curate your writeup according to verbal and written feedback by your peers.

MarginNote lets you import your content into a digital format, and allows you to take notes and write them in the margins of the digitized texts. It also lets you search keywords in the research browser and open up a book-type map for reading all your notes in one place.

Original: SourceRoam research is a unique notetaking app that aims at taking notes for networking and collaborating research points with other people. It also helps you connect your thoughts and ideas and group them into separate sections.

- Really nice writing tools. You have a lot of control settings for them. You can easily choose color with color wheel (similar to Goodnotes), set blending mode, opacity and even choose background color (great for highlighting your notes). 041b061a72


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