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Download COMANCHE 4 PC Game 2001

Back in 2001, Comanche 4 was the closest thing you'd ever get to re-living the good old days of Hawke, Santini and the legendary chopper itself with its solid action, real 3D environments (wow!) andmass of enjoyable campaigns. But the game's suffered from exactly the same fate as the series; if you go back and look at it now, it's not nearly as great as you remember, and with Comanche's five-year-old graphics, this ageing chopper's probably not got much fight left in it.

Download COMANCHE 4 PC Game 2001

Comanche 4 (aka 超級卡曼契4, Команч 4) is a video game published in 2001 on Windows by Electronic Arts, Inc., NovaLogic, Inc., EMME Interactive SA, Global Software Publishing Ltd., 1C Company,, Mindscape SA. It's an action and simulation game, set in a helicopter and vehicular combat simulator themes.

In 1998, NovaLogic continued to evolve their Voxel Space engine for the inaugural game in the Delta Force series. The game was a first-person shooter set in large outdoor environments in a realistic military setting. It also featured the online NovaWorld system, which allowed for large numbers of players in a singular server. The game was well-received and it prompted the company to continue the franchise.[5] Delta Force 2 was released in 1999, followed by Delta Force: Land Warrior in 2000. The trilogy of Delta Force titles were successful in the United Kingdom as indicated by ELSPA's chart. Delta Force peaked at #3 in February 1999, Delta Force 2 peaked at #2 in February 2000, and Delta Force: Land Warrior peaked at #1 in March 2001.[6]

NovaLogic also ventured into space combat with Tachyon: The Fringe, featuring Bruce Campbell in the lead voice acting role. In 2001, the company released Comanche 4, the fourth and final game in the long-running series. NovaLogic, in collaboration with artist Gerald Brom, also planned to develop a PC fantasy first-person shooter entitled Necrocide: The Dead Must Die based on the Delta Force: Land Warrior engine; however, the game got cancelled in 2002.[7]

NovaLogic continued their flagship franchise with the fifth main game Delta Force: Xtreme in 2005. The company had taken elements from the initial 1998 Delta Force game and recreated them in Delta Force: Xtreme, with updated graphics and gameplay.[16] In 2008, publisher MTR Soft had displayed information about NovaLogic's then-upcoming title Delta Force: Angel Falls. In December 2008, NovaLogic announced they had cut ties with MTR Soft, due to MTR using the license to gain additional funds.[17] Also in 2008, NovaLogic released an alpha build of NovaWorld 2.0 that featured better performance and features. In June 2009, NovaLogic released the sixth main Delta Force game, titled Delta Force: Xtreme 2. It was released simultaneously at retail and online via digital download. The game's engine and features were extremely similar to the previous game Delta Force: Xtreme. It became the final game in the franchise, as Delta Force: Angel Falls was never completed. Delta Force: Xtreme 2 also ultimately became the final game released by NovaLogic. All titles released by the company afterwards were either compilations or re-releases.

Comanche 4GenresAction, SimulatorDeveloperNovalogicPublisherNovalogic, THQ NordicRelease Date15th November 2001PlatformPCSystem RequirementsOperating SystemWindows 2000, XP, Vista & betterProcessorPentium III 450MHz or betterMemory128MB MinimumGraphicsDirect3D w/16MB or betterDirectXDirectX version 8.0 or higher (included)Hard Drive500MB FreeSoundDirectX-compilentThe best-selling Comanche series returns with this fast-paced action game that places you at the controls of a Comanche RAH-66 helicopter. In 6 single player campaigns and multiplayer, the game combines serious firepower with effortless controls and stunning, interactive terrain.Features

Platform: Windows XP/Windows 98Installation: Setup .exe or .7zSupport files needed: NoneType: MPL, DelphiWebsite: Download: -unpacker.html#downloadSupported games/formats: 18 Wheels of Steel: Across America .ZIPFS, 18 Wheels of Steel: Pedal to the Metal .CSC, Act of War .DAT, Against Rome .DAT, Age of Empires 2: Age of Kings .DRS, Age of Empires 3 .BAR, Age of Mythology .BAR, AGON .SFL, Alien vs Predator .FFL, Alien vs Predator 2 .REZ, Alpha Black Zero .ABZ, American McGee Alice .PK3, Arena Wars .TEXTUREPACK drv_zip, Arena Wars .DATA, Armored Fist 3 .PFF, Ascendancy .COB, Battlefield 1942 .RFA, Battlefield 2 .ZIP, Battleforge .PAK, Black & White .SAD, Black & White 2 .LUG, Black & White 2 .STUFF, Blade Runner .MIX, Blitzkrieg .PAK, Blitzkrieg Burning Horizon .PAK, Blitzkrieg Rolling Thunder .PAK, Blood .ART, Blood 2 .REZ, Bloodrayne .POD, Breakneck .SYN, Brothers Pilots 4 .PAK, Call of Duty .PK3, Call of Duty 2 .IWD, Call of Duty 3 .IWD, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare .IWD, Call of Duty: World at War .IWD, Call of Juarez .PAK, Call to Power .CTP, Cellblock Squadrons .BOX, Civilization 4 .FPK, Civilization V .FPK, Comanche 4 .PFF, Command & Conquer .MIX, Command & Conquer: Generals .BIG, Command & Conquer: Red Alert .MIX, Commandos 3 .PCK, Conflict: Freespace .VP, Cyberbykes .BIN, Daikatana .PAK, Dark Forces .GOB, Darkstone .MTF, Deadly Dozen .ZA, Deadly Dozen 2: Pacific Theater .ZA, Defiance .DAT, Delta Force .PFF, Delta Force 2 .PFF, Delta Force: Land Warrior .PFF, Descent .HOG, Descent 2 .HOG, Descent 3 .HOG, Descent 3 .MN3, Desperados: Wanted Dead of Alive .PAC, Dethkarz .ZIP, Deus Ex .UAX, Deus Ex .UMX, Deus Ex .UTX, Dig It! 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