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Intimate Strangers

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In 2001, I moved to London and settled in Soho, the centre of its gay life. Old Compton st. is a long stage for posing but when you look deeper you notice vast amount feelings and emotions;  loneliness, excitement, fear, passion and self-discovery which are all aspects of living in a big cosmopolitan city. I was fascinated by the amount of “strangers” in a place where we were all “strangers”. We are all foreigners among foreigners here - everyone you lay your eyes on is a mystery, an enigma, a fascinating riddle.


I was immediately taken by Soho’s vibrancy, with its endless encounters in the streets - where so many eyes meet and then quickly move away. Sometimes these glances last a moment longer and turn into a smile. So many unfold stories, languages, unique gestures, so many trapped feelings behind those faces.

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