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Inventory of "CUBA, Love Story!"

'The confusing and bewildering paradox of the masculine and militarist blended with the homoerotic in Cuba

evoked my own experiences and memories of growing up in young, macho and militarist Israel."

The complete body of work can be seen as PDF

or may be download at the next link (33Mega) >>>

"Title/untitled", year

Signed and numbered on label, verso
Chromogenic print


32x40 inches | edition of 5 

edition 1/5 US$5,000  | edition 2/5 US$6,000 | edition 3/5 US$7,000 | edition 4/5 US$8,000 | edition 5/5 US$9,000

20 x 24 inches edition of 10

edition 1,2,3/510 US$3,000  | edition 4,5/10 US$3,500 | edition 6,7/5 US$4,000 | edition 8,9/10 US$4,500 | edition 10/10 US$5,000

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