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Inventory of River of Three Crossings 

(Inspired by Sanzu River - A Japanese Mythological River)

<<< The entire body of work can be downloaded as PDF (57Mega) at the next link >>>

River of Three Crossings is a travelogue that evolves around the mythic and  the nomadic nature of landscape photography.

Inspired by the Japanese mythological stories, it is a symbolic tale forming an epic cinematic journey.


Each chapter explores psychological territories, using landscape as a stage on which to cast the themes of desire, identity and personal history whilst the spectator is encouraged to assemble clues and construct a personal narrative. 


Signed and numbered on label, verso
Chromogenic print


32x40 inches | edition of 5 

edition 1/5 US$  | edition 2/5 US$ | edition 3/5 US$ | edition 4/5 US$ | edition 5/5 US$

20 x 24 inches edition of 10

edition 1,2,3/510 US$  | edition 4,5/10 US$ | edition 6,7/5 US$ | edition 48,9/10 US$ | edition 10/10 US$

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