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The Invisible Life /Point of no Return (Provisional Title)

(In Development)



LOGLiNE | ​After a month long away from home (India), I land back in London. My credit card stops working and I am cut off of matrimonial funds. I return to a dark and empty home, my son and husband is nowhere to be seen.


Slowly an horrific new timeline/reality starts to unfold. I first find-out of the location of my ex and learn about the unilateral and secret preparation/plotting while I was away.

Twelve hours later, at 7pm, I am served with Court papers (Point of No Return). Life as I thought I knew gets a dramatic twist.


With the camera (CCTC/iPhone) being my only witness I start to assemble “objective” evidences. Are they?!


Could I convince Court, Social Services, CAFCASS etc of its factual element and creative purpose or will using CCTV footage may stands against me in what Court consider to be domestic/personal relationship?


During three years of Court proceedings, a casual daily activity and past events gets a diffrent interpretation, the many twists and turns creates an alternative narrative and an entire invisible life emerges.

Ex; cultural background - attitude towards sex/the mistress/betrayal

      Childhood experience (Step parents vs traditional)

      Parents behaviour/History (Parental alienation )


      Daily job/career


A docu-fiction* investigation of the conflicting relationships/emotions we all live through.


  • Love (conditional vs unconditional) & Revenge

  • Marriage (same sex) & Divorce

  • Pregnancy (surrogacy) & Lost

  • Trust & Betrayal

  • Honesty & Lies


HOW (Narrative)

Similar to detective narrative, the multiple cameras (CCTV, iPhone, GoPro and Drone) assemble  "clues & factual evidences" portraying the thin lines between factual and fiction of our daily lives. The elusiveness of truth. Similar to Rashomon each provide a subjective, alternative, self-serving, and contradictory versions of the same incident


HOW (Structure)

Every chapter references to the camera’s evolving/changing role since first invented to quest philosophical notions of sound, still & motion. (This continues the queries of my MA Thesis "IS THE SYNTHESIS OF THE STILL AND THE MOVING IMAGE ABLE TO FURTHER POSSIBILITIES IN THE REMINISCENCE NARRATIVE"**)


HOW ( Montage editing to serve the narrative purpose)

in a “Memento" back and forth around the axis of Point of no Return (not flashbacks!), in order to emphasis the contradicting behaviour of before and after. What seemed to be harmonic relationship turned to be an acrimonious one due to fear, child, finance and greedy solicitors that add fuel .

*Docufiction: cinematographic combination of documentary and fiction





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