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As a child, growing up in the 70’s in a small 55 sqm council flat in Bat-Yam, A seaside suburban town south of Tel-Aviv, there were six of us occupying a very small place. There was no much space to privacy.  

The only way to escape was through/via  imagination of books and that’s exactly what I did.

The famous five gave me …

Hassamba provided me with …

Short allegories stories thought me what …

Marco Polo and Inspired me to …

Imaginative /adventurous / MASSA …


At some point, sometimes between the age of 10-11 I started to explore beyond the physical territories of my neighbourhood. The sea to the west, the cemetery to the south, the notorious  Jessy Chon neigberohhd defined the east border and the Arab neighbourhood, Jaffa defined my north border. Bat Yam turned to be my oyster, a land of search, exploration and discoveries, I searched, explored and investigate within it’s border 


Not even the brutal murder of Nava Elimelch of 1982, a young girl that was discovered in pieces along… metered me.


This boat had sailed and I started to navigate my ship through storm and sharp rocks, a journey that will take me to foreign lands, away from home, through most exotic landscapes, people and uncharted territories.


I did not follow paths of others, I created my own path, and  Oh boy, that was a most challenging voyage.


It was not until my Bar-mitzva that I got my first camera. Red 8mm in a plastic water sealed/proof capsule. And then at the age of 21, I inherited the gear of young, handsome aspiring photographer that died of cancer at the age of 27, John


In the past 45 years I was busy navigating my ship through the sharp rocks of light, though many thunderstorm and lightings, high waves, fog and … but if I am here to tell my story it is only because I somehow managed to find/get to the other side of life. My 50’s


I ticked nearly evrey box - I concord many territories - I won many battles.  Some physical, some imaginative and some within myself.


I a now in a point where I wish/want to share my stories, hopefully it may inspire, encourage or help someone who is still caught at the eye of a storm of his/her journey.

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