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What is the difference between a Limited Edition Print and an Artist's Proof?

If you are considering purchasing a Limited Edition Print/s, then it is worth knowing the difference between Limited Edition Print (LEP) and Artist Proof (AP).

Limited Edition


I releases a small number of Signed, Handmade (C-type) Prints:

 - Medium Size: 30x40inch/80x100cm | Edition of 5

 - Small Size: 20x24 inch/50x60cm | Edition of 10


Artist's Proof

It is a common practice that an artist keeps 10-15% out of a limited print edition for his own use. These prints are called artist proofs or épreuve d'artiste (French).

As my prints use analogue/C-type process, whenever I check the colour and quality of each edition, I keep the last two lab proofs.


* Traditionally, Artist's Proofs, remained the property of the artist. In modern times they are sold at the same time as the Limited Edition Prints.

* Artist's Proofs are exactly the same in terms of how they are printed, the colours, quality of printing, paper etc.


* Artists number them, often with Roman numerals and with the mark A/P. Artists sign them too, exactly the same as with the limited editions.

* There are not as many artists proofs released however. Normally only 10-15% of the limited edition run is released as Artist's Proofs. The limited edition of KIP has a run of 5+10 and the Artist's Proofs released are only 1+2.

Who bought your work ?

My work is included in numerous private and public collections around the world, including:

+ Elton John's Private  Collection

   Joe Wright's Private  Collection

   The National Portrait Gallery

    and more...  

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