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Product details: Hardcover | Publisher: Blurb | ISBN-10: 1366341821 | ISBN-13: 978-1366341822 | Package Dimensions: 13 x 11 x 1 inches


River of three Crossings is a travelogue that evolves around the mythic, nomadic nature of landscape photography.

It is a symbolic tale forming an epic cinematic journey.

Each chapter explores psychological territories, using landscape as a stage on which to cast the themes of desire, identity and personal history whilst the spectator is encouraged to assemble clues and construct a personal narrative.

The first trilogy - Promise, marks the start of the journey and depicts waterfronts, mountains and beautiful woodlands symbolic of abundance and promises of love, relating to personal identities embedded in Israel’s consciousness.

The second - Interval, represents the passage between the promised and dreamed – transitory, nomadic spaces that hang between memory and being; documenting the split of time moving simultaneously towards the future and the past, yet seemingly suspended in the present.

The third and last series - Dream, depicts landscapes that once epitomised fantasy, now lie in rot and decay; here Israel highlights that we are unable to fix memories, instead we edit, redraft and rewrite them.

*Also available on Apple Open Books

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