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"Forms of multiplicity and incongruity abound... We realize that the fragments are not governed by a secret unity: Charles Kane is a simulacrum, a chaos of appearances."

                            (Jorge Luis Borges on Citizen Kane)


My work is autobiographical in nature and investigates the "Remembrance of Things Past” and the process of personal reminiscences and recollection.

Empty landscapes, intimate encounters, touristic travelogues are all potential backdrops for an inside quest and reflection. 



Land-Scapes is an entirely invented autobiographical visual travelogue which evolves around the mythic and nomadic nature of landscape photography. It mixes imagined with real, natural with obscure. Each chapter functions as an allegorical tale and represents a psychological territory. 

Land Scapes is inspired by and corresponds with epic cinematography narratives such as Citizen Kayne (Orson Walles; 1941) The Mirror (Andrey Tarkovsky ; 1975 ) David Lynch and Theo Angelopoulos films and others.

 This project is divided into three sections, which tell personal stories about remembered and imagined “lands”, blurring reality and fiction.

Promised Lands


The start of the journey begins here. The images from this series are all landscapes that represent realms relating to personal identities embedded in my mind. 

‘Canaan’ (1-6) are images from elemental landscapes in Iceland where I recognised extracts from biblical tales taught in my childhood. ‘America’ (7-12) represents the promise that a land can hold to generations of immigrants, such as those of my parents. ‘Hampstead Heath’ (13-18) represents a place of promised pleasure, excitement and even maybe love.

In-between Lands 


A passage between the promised and the dreamed. These spaces are nomad-like, transitory, cannot be fixed, but instead pull us into a deep reverie, of being in between a promise and a memory.  

Dreamed Lands


The last sections features spaces and landscapes that once epitomised fantasy but now lie in rot and decay. They can only return us to the workings of our imagination and to our deepest memories.

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